Organisation SMART Entrepreneurs made an international partnership with the Global Entrepreneurs Organization to train and help new North African entrepreneurs. We help entrepreneurs start their own businesses using sustainable and proven business start-up principles, as well as support for follow-on mentoring programs.


The Micro Business Start-up program is designed to enable entrepreneurs to set up businesses regardless of their start-up capital or business relationships. Here are some important aspects of microenterprise start-up training.

Business Meeting

Micro Business Startup

The Micro Business Startup Training Program and Dynamic Mentoring has been around since 1997 and has trained over 12,700 entrepreneurs from 22 other countries in how to start and operate a successful business with positive cash flow in their first 4 to 12 weeks.


This training will help entrepreneurs recognize business opportunities, research them and start their first business during the 4, 6 or 12 week training.

Each student is expected to open their own business during the training and achieve profitability. Knowing how to apply this knowledge in a real context is invaluable.




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About OSE

The objective of OSE is the supervision and support of entrepreneurs, in-person or remotely, in order to transform investment opportunities into reality, in particular for women and young people. Our means to achieve the objectives are through a separate methodology and a digital platform.  

OSE is the official sponsor of the GEO North Africa program in partnership with Global Entrepreneurs Organization. GEO has trained over 12,700 entrepreneurs in 22 different countries over the past 24 years.

DARE to change your future

Our Mission

Train enterprising people who would like to start their own small business using hands-on training, skills, knowledge and follow-up mentoring support service for at least one year for students to successfully start their own small businesses with their own resources.

Our Vision

Helping community transformation in North Africa in partnership with local organizations and government entities by training and empowering local people to create sustainable businesses, using their own resources, and providing jobs to other communities.