Chaima Dhouioui

CEO, Proclean Nettoyage

"This training is the help I need to improve my skills as an entrepreneur. I highly recommend OSE which teaches you how to get started and pursue your dreams."

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Co-Founder, LA PIOVRA

"The contribution of the program was more than beneficial, on a personal and professional level. The trainers were very knowledgeable and super friendly! I highly recommend OSE. "

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Asma Benyounes, Entrepreneur, By Aby

"A training like no other! For me, the OSE training is an experience in its own right, and very rewarding, which allowed me to reveal my potential as a woman entrepreneur."

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Marwen Marzouki

CEO & Founder MMB Groupe 

"Comprehensive content. Excellent delivery of material. Very informative and worthwhile course. Business Planning workshop. Excellent Trainers.

Well facilitated. ".

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Rahma Ben Sassi


I am totally satisfied with the OSE training. The latter allowed me to discover in me the entrepreneurial spirit that was hidden somewhere. It also allowed me to work on my personality. i "

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Organisation SMART Entrepreneurs

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